"As a teenager I was fascinated by the story panels in my father's Outdoor Life magazine. As an adult I was thrilled when author Marty Podskoch teamed up with the very same artist, Sam Glanzman, to create Adirondack story panels. Glanzman is as skilled as ever in capturing a dramatic scene on paper, while Podskoch has proven equally able on the writing side of the partnership." - Cristine Meixner, managing editor, Hamilton County News, Speculator, NY

"If you like the Adirondacks and if you are interested in local history, you'll love Adirondack Stories by Marty Podskoch, who knows the Adirondacks and who knows its history. His book is a must read." - Joe Kelly, editor and publisher of the Boonville Herald and Adirondack Tourist and host of the Joe Kelly Show on WUTR-TV, Utica

"Marty Podskoch's Adirondack Stories are interesting, informative and easy to read. Often, they shed light on little-known facts about Adirondack history.
"For the past three years, Leader-Herald readers have shared nothing but positive comments with us about these stories and accompanying illustrations. We look forward to printing Adirondack Stories each Sunday." -Tim Fonda, Managing Editor, The Leader-Herald, Gloversville, N.Y.

There’s a lot for newspaper readers to appreciate in Adirondack Stories, which our paper runs every Tuesday. First, readers' eyes are probably caught by Sam Glanzman's excellent, characteristic artwork. That reels them into the story, written by Marty Podskoch, who chooses the topics with care: ensuring a good mix of the familiar and the unfamiliar, paying attention to historic echoes in the current news and also spreading the subjects evenly throughout the Adirondack Park which at 6 million acres is bigger than any New England state except Maine.
"There’s a lot to learn, and newspaper readers like learning ‹ especially when it’s presented in nice little nuggets like this." -Peter Crowley, Managing editor, Adirondack Daily Enterprise, Saranac Lake, N.Y.

"Marty Podskoch and his illustrator, Sam Glanzman, have captured those single bits of Adirondack history and lore and presented them in a format that has stood the test of time. Since the days of the primitive drawings on the walls of caves and the hieroglyphics stamped into clay tablets, mankind has recorded and passed along the story of human existence on earth. It is only right and proper that those bits of the Adirondacks be passed along for today and tomorrow."
"Both Marty and Sam have made a major contribution to the body of Adirondack literature by raising up a wealth of Adirondack stories and illustrating them for our understanding." -Don Williams, author of five Adirondack books